Transport & Logistics
Due to Covid-19, we have launched following helpline numbers in various locations - 9875928096 for Haryana1 & Chandigarh, 9875928098 for Punjab, 9875928099 for Haryana2 and Haryana3. If you have any questions or complaints, you can click on the "Complaint" link in the bottom of the site to submit your request and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Transport & Logistics

Across diverse industry sectors, Oscar provides security to all aspects of the supply chain to protect and account for our clients’ assets at all times.

The timely and safe movement of goods and people is critical for the economy and the pressure to deliver faster, further and for less is always present.

We draw on our National resources in logistics across widely differing States and terrains, technology, risk consultancy and project management and our experience of managing the National security personnel workforce in diverse regulatory environments, to deliver integrated solutions that make a tangible difference.

To our clients, our holistic approach brings great benefit enhanced security, reduced costs, increased revenue-generating opportunities, and improved performance.

Transport and logistics face multiple of security threats in transit that is far beyond what manned services can handle. To address these gaps, Oscar offers state of the art electronic security solutions, video surveillance and fire safety equipment. Our comprehensive security package is designed to protect staff, premises, and assets.

Oscar HR&Allied Services provides facility management support, ranging from general housekeeping and pantry services to office support staff. We have a diverse base of customers cutting across verticals who have gained from the service offered through our trained and vetted facility management staff.

Oscar is "ISO 9001- 2000 certified company which is benchmarked its services to International Standards to deliver value-added services.