Ports and Airports
Due to Covid-19, we have launched following helpline numbers in various locations - 9875928096 for Haryana1 & Chandigarh, 9875928098 for Punjab, 9875928099 for Haryana2 and Haryana3. If you have any questions or complaints, you can click on the "Complaint" link in the bottom of the site to submit your request and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

At Oscar, we know that the key to releasing wider benefits for our clients is to always look at the overall picture to consider solutions that transform performance. As in the global economy, international trade and travel is reliant upon the security of our vast network of ports and airports and ensuring clean, secure, and well-maintained premises.

Oscar works with clients to understand and design solutions to meet those issues which customer face and bring together Oscar expertise in logistics, technology, project management, and managing the world’s biggest security personnel work force.

Our customer with our services not only safeguard people, facilities and reputations, but also to improve their end-user experience, reducing costly hold ups and providing excellent customer service - delivering a stable, confident environment in which trade can flourish.

Domestic or International Seaports and Airports are vulnerable to various kinds of threats including terrorism, thefts and trespass. In addition to the manned security, we provide electronic security, video surveillance and fire safety systems. Our comprehensive security package is designed to protect our customers’ staff, premises, and assets.

A numerable sectors trust Oscar to deliver facilities management services in secure and critical environments that require the highest standards of Security management.

Oscar is "ISO 9001- 2000 certified company which is benchmarked its services to International Standards to deliver value-added services.


OSCAR understands the aviation sector and understands the kind of challenges, which are faced on daily and in unique situations, which means we can provide solutions that not only meet the challenges, but also transform performance and prepared for unique once too.With ever-present threat of international terrorism, the aviation sector faces new issues because of the recent global economic crisis.

Reduced passenger numbers, increased running costs, and price-cutting initiatives have all affected the bottom line, meaning airports and airlines are looking for new ways to offer more while spending less.

Airports and airlines operate on the front line of global security challenges, we have helped our airport and aviation sector clients to respond to both current challenges and future opportunities. We have transformed their performance by reviewing operating processes to find smarter, safer, and more profitable ways of working.

Our solutions enable clients to protect their reputations, reduce costs, increase revenue, and ensure the safety and comfort of traverses worldwide.


Ports are vital for national and commercial security.Governments are demanding ever-higher compliance standards; the economy demands operational efficiencies; threats from pirates, terror attacks, and smuggling are also key challenges.

Oscar understands the industry and works with ports across India. We are able to use our experience, our expertise in logistics, technology, managing the India based security personnel, and the knowledge derived from providing security solutions in diverse regulatory environments around the country to really make a difference.

We have the sector-specific experience combined with a clear view of the ‘bigger picture’ issues which means our clients benefit from improved asset protection, increased operational efficiency, better regulatory compliance and stronger business continuity.