Key Differentiator

(Security, facility management, electronic security & surveillance, Training) :- Oscar is One of the few unique organisations in the country which provides Complete need of any and all facilities from Security to complete facility management.

Oscar security and Facility Management Staff has been able to provide best of services as at different cases a. Coal Mine Armed Robber case b. Govt. Oil Depot Fuel theft case c. Petrol Depot Robber Case d. Hotel Fire case etc .. Where Oscar Staff have not just saved the property, but in few cases saved the life and limb of customer by fighting tooth to nail to save the government and Private property and for life and limb of its clients/customers. For case details please write to us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sector experts from Service Industry & Hoteliers, Engineers and from Legal Field.

Oscar city/Town specific and specialized customer service, which is avalibale 24X365 Days of the years. With Event based action and replacement available in shortest possible time frame.

Oscar Imparts high ours of On location and at Oscar Training School High Hours of training and on customer need wise they provide onsite training for all and any security, Fire, Armed incursion, Invasion of instillation and other violent crisis management. With that it has in many places support local administration in situations like riot, Dharnas, Public worker demonstrations and other situations like apprehending Armed intruder and in specific situations of threat to life and property fought armed battle with perpetrators of crime to successfully protect government and private property and life and limb of its clients/customers.