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In the last two decade the security needs of a luxury hotel has evolved immensely. The hotels all over the India and world have realized the importance of investing heavily into security as the customers have started demanding an even safer and secure environment.In recent years, the security threats that are faced by Indian hotels have become more complex and unique. For it, hoteliers are forging new partnerships with the private security agencies to deal with some of latest threats.

Security in most hotels is falling way behind, when compared to many other industries. As complexity involved in operations of a successful hotel and the greater possibility of reputation damage, many potential risks and actual incidents are kept under wraps and go unreported.

In the wake of the 26/11 attack on the financial capital of India, Mumbai in 2008 where along with public places, the awareness and a will to provide and arrange for a comprehensive and complete security solution has found a definitive place in the budget and agenda of the managements.

The need for a security solution at a luxury hotel is manifold. It is important to realise that Indian hospitality industry is exposed to various levels of man-made and natural risk. However, in the last decade hotels have started implementing a comprehensive security solution consisting of guarding along with External and Internal Patrolling and setting up of a discreet and un-breach able control stations.

Hotels today expect more than a comprehensive security solution. Now security is considered as any other service provided by the hotel. So, over all guest experience has become an important ingredient.

A key challenge is for hoteliers to have highest level of security procedures but that do not affect the guest experience. The first interaction of guests is with the guard, so it becomes very important that the guard fully gel with the service with smile ethos of the hotel.

As use of technology in field of security has always had deep inroads it is critical for that guards to be trained to use the equipment effectively and welcoming efficiently, to maintain purposeful ambience of the hotel.

Drawing on our extensive knowledge and understanding of the Hotel Industry's evolving security needs, through constantly listening to our customer's feedback, we have specialized training program which prepares security personnel to deliver on the new challenges which are being faced in ever changing global scenario, by the Hotel Security.

The program uses latest technology including videos and live demonstration to impart training to the security personnel for effective knowledge gathering. The training tools that we have help in imparting frequent and effective on job training, resulting in better on-site delivery of services. The security personnel delivering on these ever-evolved expectations are handpicked and have specialized skills to excel in the hotel environment.

This solution is supported by a management team dedicated to Hotels business, for excellent operations management and quicker turnaround of customer's concerns. To provide integrated solutions for hotel, we are in the process of offering specialized security & surveillance training to our hotel facility solutions staff.

All this has an assurance of a Brand, which has been around for a while, and where Customer focuses, expertise, performance, best people, integrity, teamwork, and collaboration are the core values.

Oscar is "ISO 9001- 2000 certified company which is benchmarked its services to International Standards to deliver value-added services.