Electrical and Mechanical Service
Due to Covid-19, we have launched following helpline numbers in various locations - 9875928096 for Haryana1 & Chandigarh, 9875928098 for Punjab, 9875928099 for Haryana2 and Haryana3. If you have any questions or complaints, you can click on the "Complaint" link in the bottom of the site to submit your request and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Oscar HR & Allied Services is well equipped to take care of the Electrical & Mechanical maintenance (E&M Services) of your plant and offices. We have a specialized, trained, and qualified team to maintain and manage complete M & E services on a 24-hour basis. We specialize in providing these services that are customized as per the conditions in specific sites.

Energy saving, fuel efficiency are top priority for our operations. Savings achieved for clients is demonstrated over a period of time.

Since we operate across a variety of markets, this enables us to support, innovate, share synergies, and employ the best practice that benefits individual clients, in every sector. Our integrated service approach relieves you of maintenance headaches so that you can focus on your core areas. Our round the clock, year round preventive, as well as, predictive mechanical and electrical maintenance services will keep your assets at their peak at all times.

In summary, a one - stop solution to ensure that the installed systems are maintained, reliably, safely and that costs are carefully controlled.

Mechanical & Electrical Services:-

  • General Electrical Maintenance
  • HVAC
  • DG operations
  • Pump operators
  • Lift technicians / operators
  • Plumbing
  • Carpentry
  • Operations & Maintenance of all installations
  • BMS Management
  • Power Management
  • Energy Conservations
  • Budgeting
  • Training
  • MIS/Reporting
  • 24x7x365 Support from our technical team
  • Power & UPS monitoring
  • Breakdown Maintenance
  • Preventive Management
  • AMC Management